Conference Program


22 MARCH 2017


The Level One Project Bootcamp
(afternoon session)

Review of L1P blueprint, functionality modules and available solutions.


23 MARCH 2017

FinTech Global Showcase for Financial Inclusion

Showcase of solutions and best practices in all areas of Digital Financial Services. Deep dive on what is available today in terms of technology and start up solutions. Focus on enablers to make L1P projects happen and/or foster Regulator-Innovator dialogue.


24 MARCH 2017


Regulator-Innovator Dialogue
(morning session)

Offer Regulators an opportunity to pitch start-ups and innovators, expose the challenges they face and stimulate interest. This should allow the private sector to think creatively about how their skills and assets could supp.


The Level One Project Showcase

  • Introduction to The Level One Project Blueprint
  • Walk through L1P functionality modules
  • Presentation of existing solutions/providers/startups
  • Review of on-going implementation plans and projects in the eight Gates countries (by local representatives)
  • Startup “meet&greet” area
  • Networking (lunch and coffee breaks)
  • FIS Conference Walking Dinner
  • Sponsored events



Coffee and Registration

14:00 – 14:15
Welcome and objectives
Round of introductions (who’s in the room) and what do we want to achieve

14:15- 15:00
Part 1 – Introduction to Gates Foundation approach to financial services
Basics of how payments systems work around the world (types of payments, mechanics, economics, value chain, etc.); what lessons we applied to development of the Level One Project

  • Introduction
  • Payments System Basics; Lessons Learned

Part 2 – What is the Level 1 project and how it can help

  • Core Level One Principles and Use Cases;
  • Level One Components;
  • Level One Resources


16:30 – 17:45
Part 3 – World Tour and Global Trends
What’s happening in select countries around the world, how this relates to L1P; major payments systems trends to be aware of

17:45 – 18:00
Summary and Closing comments

Fletcher School at Tufts University – by invitation only event
Fletcher Leadership Program for Financial Inclusion (FLPFI) team event

23 MARCH 2017

FinTech Global Showcase

  • All day conference on topics related to Digital Financial Services through a combination of Keynotes and Panel discussions
  • Startup pitches throughout the day
  • Startup “meet&greet” area
  • Networking (coffee breaks and lunch)
  • Exclusive VIP event (by invitation only dinner)
  • Sponsored events


Welcome from FinTechStage – Lazaro Campos and Matteo Rizzi

Keynote 1 – The Imperative for Financial Inclusion
The rationale and plan for Financial Inclusion in Indonesia in the context of the global drive towards reducing exclusion. Key components of successful plans.

Keynote 2 – FinTech, Regtech and Financial Inclusion
What are the roles of the stakeholders and how can they enable Financial Inclusion; FinTech and RegTech as enablers.

10:40-11:10 BREAK

Keynote 3 – Opportunities and Enablers for Financial Inclusion
What is Financial Inclusion and why do we care about it? Case studies and personal views.

Power Talk 1 – Financial Inclusion Data/Insights

Ecosystem Mapping
Map out the ecosystem present in the room and the state of interactions/dialogue that exists between various stakeholders. The goal is to have both a networking exercise and also a “physical” output (a physical network map) that serves as diagnostic to show who is currently engaged on which topic and with whom and what are the gaps in the dialogue

12:50 -13:00
Swift Announcement

13:00 – 14:00 LUNCH

Deep Dive 1 – Financial Rails: the Innovators, the Incumbents, the Disruptors
Usually, FI starts with payments because there are still profound challenges around availability of and access to payment and clearing infrastructures in many emerging low-income economies. That fact is usually compounded by resistance to innovation of current incumbents, and regulatory obstacles to the arrival of new entrants especially in retail transactions. What can be done to optimize financial rails in low-income economies?

Power Talk 2 – Consumer Protection 360
The thin balance between monetization and privacy in consumer data, fraud, loss of funds, transparency of fees, and relationship with Agents.

Deep Dive 2 – Credit Scoring, Behavioral Analytics and Access to Credit
Data enables credit. New data sets are key for enabling access to credit in a cost efficient and controlled way that does not only depend on one’s assets but also on one’s behaviour.

15:40-16:00 BREAK

Deep Dive 3 – The Identity Challenge
The ability to identify uniquely a person and its complex universe relies on data. Linking a person’s identity, related data and digital assets is a cornerstone of effective systems.

Deep Dive 4 – Digital Neo Banking Providers (when regulators become enablers)
A key challenge for enabling Financial Inclusion at scale is rethinking the business model of banking – making it economically feasible to serve customers that were previously thought non-profitable or difficult to serve. Neo banks are a case study on exactly that.

17:20 – 18:00
Closing comments by Commentators

Confirmed Speakers
Julius Akinyemi CEO/Founder UWIN Corp/ Entrepreneur-In-Residence, MIT Media Lab
Maha Bahou Executive Manager, Central Bank of Jordan
Arjuna Costa PartnerOmidyar Network

Sumit Dutta, CEO, HSBC Indonesia
Matthew Gamser CEO, SME Finance Forum, IFC – World Bank

Harianto Gunawan, Director and Country Manager, Visa Indonesia
Muliaman H. Hadad, Chairman, OJK Board of Commissioners of Indonesia
Aldi Haryopratomo CEO, Ruma
Gautam Jain Global Head, Digitisation & Client Access, Standard Chartered Bank
Sanjay Jain, Fellow, iSpirt, Aadhaar & India Stack
Aditya Khurjekar, CEO, MEDICI/LTP
Ben Knelman, CEO and Co-founder, Juntos

Kabir Kumar, Director, Omidyar Network

Mark Mackenzie, Managing Director for APAC, Lenddo

Sopnendu Mohanty Chief FinTech Officer, MAS
Dan Morgan Director Policy & Regulation, Innovate Finance
Shailesh Naik CEO, MatchMove
Darmin Nasution, Coordinating Minister of Economic Affairs, Indonesia
Benno Ndulu, Governor, Central Bank of Tanzania
Pascal Nizri, Founder and CEO,

Harsh Patel, CEO, Cetas Systems
Anju Patwardhan Senior Partner, CreditEase Fintech Investment Fund
Kosta Peric Deputy Director, FS for the Poor, BMGF

Moinuddin Rahgir, CFO, bKash
Claude Spiese, Co-founder and CEO, Timo
Sharon Toh, Head of Asean, Swift
Carolina Trivelli CEO, Senior Researcher, Instituto de Estudios Peruanos
Usoro Anthony Usoro, General Manager, Mobile Financial Services, MTN


Regulator-Innovator Dialogue

  • Work sessions for representatives from Government Agencies, Central Banks, Regulatory bodies and Innovators
  • Challenges for Regulators
  • Success stories
  • Digital models
  • Worldwide initiatives
  • How to build a collaboration framework
  • Explore candidates/opportunities for launching “regulatory sandboxes” and RegTech accelerators
  • Startup “meet&greet” area
  • Networking (coffee breaks and lunch)
  • Sponsored events


9:00 – 9:15
Welcome and objectives of the day

Workshop 1 Identifying the problem – Diagnostic and mapping exercise

Workshop 2 – What can technology do for you?

Prayer break and lunch

Workshop 3 – How can regulation accelerate innovation?

  • Regulatory Sandboxes 
  • Building Ecosystems 
  • Specific regulation

Reverse pitching Dragon’s den 4-6 regulators

Working lunch and closing
RegTech for Regulators Accelerator (R2A) – private event
Afternoon session